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Julia Gogosha, Glasses genie

Bespectacled proprietress with and for like-sighted people. Perpetuating her appreciation for handmade eyewear with unique vision and with you, a discerning stranger in mind. Matchmaking, advocating and pioneering objects intentionally worn with purpose and presence. Framing faces since 1997, and established in the eastern enclaves of Los Angeles since 2008.

Formative years were spent raised behind a jewelry counter or crouched under clothing racks by immigrant parents. Call it daycare; it’s what helped inform her ethos that craft and service are worth preserving.



ABOC Optician

16 years of fitting faces in The City of Angels. The devil is in the  details. Finding just the right fit not only for you but for your wardrobe and needs. Dedicated to precision and practicality says the maximalist.



ABOC Optician

A ray of sunshine who loves shining a light on new unique choices that are destined to become your old favorites. Bringing references from different realms and realities. Fantasy informs reality. With almost 10 years of optical experience you’re in good hands with a good eye.



Joe aka Joseph was born and bred in cheery Southern California. Joseph’s curious mind and skillful eye has led him down several paths including apprentice furrier, vegan ice-cream crafter, and experimental tailor. You’ll find yourself in an experimental space of exceptionally tailored fits sure to delight and surprise. 

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