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Jimmy Fallon needs Gogosha

Jimmy Fallon needs Gogosha

"Jimmy Fallon should wear glasses. The end."

"I have been informed this article needs to “say more stuff” for it to be published. Okay, fine. So, currently, Jimmy Fallon doesn’t wear glasses (at least not in public) and I think he should (at least in public). This isn’t a vision issue. A writer for the show has not GChatted me to say Jimmy can’t read the prompter from the desk, so he routinely mispronounces celebrities’ names like “Adam Reindeer” (Andrew Rannells), “Carrie Overwood” (Carrie Underwood), and “the Rock” (Barack Obama). They are not hoping that by leaking me this information I would write a story that shames Fallon into going to the optometrist."

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